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Tuesday the 10th of December, 2019

 Ann R


I offer you a journey to somewhere else, beyond any specific time and place, bordering on surrealism and symbolism.

My universe is made up of crumbling, cracked and splintered rocks from which beings evolve who are sometimes freed from their physical appearances.

In my small world, the vulnerable ephemeral being is confronted by the everlasting immovability of the mineral world. Fragments of human history are engraved in stone, pieces of mosaic and walls which all witness the passing of a human presence; the surfaces are cracked, sometimes fragmented and superposed, and through these backgrounds, living beings seem to be born, disappear and pass through. On occasions they are lost, suspended in this universe, as if forever exiled within the eternal stone...

I was born in Brussels (Belgium) and my childhood was spent in Teheran (Iran). Both places seem to have influenced me with my pronounced taste for detail, interlacing, floral and animal motifs, Persian mosaics and paintings which all go hand with my reflections on exile.

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